Who or what is The Livity?

The Livity has been born out of a search for health and well-being. I started it to share with others some of the things that I have found useful on my own journey for improved health.   The word livity has many definitions but at its essence it is the idea of “life” or “living” with an emphasis on improving one’s present situation. It has also been referred to as the right for every man and woman to be happy, which is totally what I think life should be about.

The food we eat, the environment we live in and the lifestyles we lead have a significant impact on our health. The Livity provides simple changes to improve the way we live, feel fantastic whilst being socially responsible. The majority of recipes from The Livity are plant based but they are not aimed only at vegans or vegetarians. My recipes are a health supportive food selection developed with a focus on fresh, whole, best quality and where possible sustainably grown locally sourced ingredients for anyone who likes great tasting food, wants to eat foods that promote better health or simply may want to reduce their carbon footprint!


What is your background?

I started as a textile-trained fashion designer. I have been involved in fashion and printed textiles, designing for textile agents, using my skills for illustration and have also been involved in publishing and graphic led projects.  I have always been open to collaborative experience and have welcomed reflective practise into my process (that means I love hearing from you too!). Working in this way required constant flexibility and an ability to adapt to change.  This is what continues to inspire me and promotes such a wonderful opportunity for creative thinking and response.   It is this way of working that now informs how I approach the different perspectives of The Livity.


How did you become interested in food and cooking?

My mom is an excellent cook and trained as chef but dedicated her life to raising a family.  She has always been a keen advocate of good nutrition and always made things from scratch.  I spent many years growing up both helping and watching her in the kitchen and marvelling at the things she created from the most simple of ingredients.

I have always cooked and enjoyed sharing food with family and friends but about twelve years ago, when I felt very de-energised and totally lethargic I realised it was time to make some dietary changes. This blog is a reflection of what is working for me right now.  It is not intended as a judgement about what you eat, but simply some suggestions that might be helpful if you have been experiencing similar issues.


Do you follow a specific diet?

I have eaten a vegetarian diet for over 20 years and parts of this I have followed a vegan diet, a raw food diet, a gluten free diet and more…phew that is tiring just writing it down!  My philosophy about food now is to eat a balanced diet of whole mainly organic foods, but not to be confined to the experiences that life has to offer by labelling myself.  I have come to this conclusion after years of berating myself if I slipped off a particular path I was trying to follow or missed out on sharing a beautiful meal prepared by friends or family because it had a bit of something in that I was trying to omit at that particular time.  Life speeds by oh so very quickly so it is now more important for me to share experiences than to be dogmatic about ingredients.  In place of rigidity, I find this way of eating offers me flexibility and better health, which for me is important.

All of that been said what I eat on a daily basis is focused around plant based foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, pulses, beans, nuts and seeds, I eat mostly wheat and sugar free…. with the occasional bit of diary if and when the mood takes me or if sharing a meal with family and friends.


Something that you might not know about me is….

I love to travel, I love to chat and I love love love to connect with people, preferably over a cup of herbal or a great meal.  Please do feel free to drop me a line, even if you just want to say hello or contact me through my twitter and facebook links.

I hope to have the opportunity to meet up with you soon and that this blog, with my small insight into the world of food and health will make your journey a little easier.

With love and improved health wishes.

Nicola x