An unexpectedly beautiful day

Some days are easier than others.  Some days lend themselves  to being contented with the smaller things that life has to offer, the things that can get overlooked in our schedules of work, family and play.  I was reminded today how the simplest of things can bring joy and we should perhaps take a little more time to delight in these little nuggets that life throws us from time to time or else they get overlooked and through lack of appreciation can almost seem to disappear.

So picture this: One very sunny day with no fixed plans, a phone call to family abroad to reconnect, a visit to friends taking time for inspiring conversation, an impromptu lunch on the roof terrace of a local pub, more friends and family appear, more great conversation and more time to connect, a walk through a local park and a chance meeting with more friends with new babies and finally a seat on a bench to absorb the peacefulness, the stillness and the view.

This may not seem like a big deal to anyone else but for me it was a wonderfully agenda free day which lead to all manner of possibility.  I thoroughly enjoyed the day and will definitely be keeping an eye out for those small things that truly make a difference!