Baked Plantain with Orange and Cinnamon

On one of our trips to Trinidad we were invited to lunch with Mr R’s aunty.  There was a lot of delicious food on the table and she had really gone to a lot of trouble to ensure we were all well catered for.  Her food was delicious and one of the dishes that has […]

Almond, Pear and Red Wine Cake

I have been away in Spain for the last few weeks and inspired by the almond trees that were in blossom I thought it might be nice to create an almond based recipe with a few other ingredients that were on hand.  Whilst this recipe is not vegan, i think that it could easily be […]

Queen of hearts made a tart on a gloomy summers day

I hate to start the post with a bit of a moan but I need to vent.  I need to tell someone how I feel…ok so here it is: I am truly fed up with the lack of summer that we are currently experiencing.  I remember in years gone by when summers would start in […]

Cinnamon Sherry Scones with Spiced Lucuma Butter

Cinnamon Sherry Scones with Spiced Lucuma Butter Every now and again I believe we need to start our morning with a little bit of a breakfast treat.  This recipe was inspired by a lazy New Years day and a need to bring in 2011 with a bit of decadence.  The lucuma in the butter has […]