Climate Change Week Recipe for The Vegan Society

  This week is Climate Change Week and the good folks over there are bringing awareness to a global issue in a number of interesting ways.  Definitely worth popping over to their site to check out what has and is going on. I had the good fortune to be asked to submit a recipe for […]

Valentine Love Feast Part I

So it is nearly that time of year again….that special time which either makes you want to gag or  turn into cupid himself.  I fall somewhere in between…whilst I am up for the romance (who wouldn’t be especially from the lovely Mr R?) having to make the effort after a day at work can be […]

Black Tahini and Beetroot Humus

Not so long ago I stumbled across a raw black tahini in Planet Organic and have been looking for the ideal moment to put it to good use.  Well today is that day….I just baked some sourdough bread and was looking for something tasty to go with it and a bit of garden grow lettuce […]