Broad Bean Garlic Pate with Coriander Oil

I really really love hummus but sometimes you just need a bit of a change.  Something else to add into the mix and offer a new solution to the “now what shall I spread on this?” dilemma.  This quick and easy little recipe is just the ticket, easily adaptable to encompass a range of seasonal […]

Sharing some Livity Love

Today’s weather is rubbish….grey, wet and totally miserable…but let’s not to get to drawn into that feeling of doom and gloom that this time of year can bring on.  To continue the theme of all things Valentine and cupid let me share with you some Livity love…some things that The Livity is loving right now […]

Valentine Love Feast Part I

So it is nearly that time of year again….that special time which either makes you want to gag or  turn into cupid himself.  I fall somewhere in between…whilst I am up for the romance (who wouldn’t be especially from the lovely Mr R?) having to make the effort after a day at work can be […]