Blackcurrant & White Chocolate Fool

A while ago I went to visit a local wild life conservation/organic vegetable growing group to see what they were up to and if I could join the merriment. The very nice man who I met there gifted me with some freshly picked blackcurrants and I thought it only right that I made a bit of an effort to turn them in to something delicious. It got me thinking about fools…the recipes not people and I remembered my mom used to make an amazing strawberry or raspberry fool with lots of whipped cream and a splash of booze. I thought why not try and replicate with no cream and leave the booze as an optional extra. I think this recipe is totally decadent and yet summery and fresh all at the same time. I hope you like it as much as we did….there would have been more pictures but we gobbled it all up!



Ingredients – 4 servings

220g black currants few reserved to fold in at end
50g cacao butter
80g cashew nuts ( soak in water for 4 hours and drain if using a normal speed blender)
1 tsp vanilla
2 tbsp xylitol
4 tbsp coconut palm sugar
3 tbsp water
3-4 tablespoons Cassis optional



Melt the cacao butter in a bowl over a pan of water or in a double boiler.

Place the cashews, water, xylitol, vanilla and coconut palm sugar into a high speed blender (vitamix or blendtec) and process until a creamy consistency forms.

Add the remaining ingredient and blend again.

Finally add the reserved black currants and fold in to the mixture. Divide the mixture equally into wine glasses and leave to set in the fridge for about 2 hours or over night.

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