Khallouk & Taylor

        Sometimes you will find yourself in an area and you just don’t know where to go for a cup of something refreshing.  This happened to me when I was staying with a good friend in Pimlico.  Fortunately she knew where to go and took us to Khallouk & Taylor.  This is […]

Leila’s Cafe and Shop

What is not to love about Leila’s Cafe and shop?  Reminiscent of times gone by, full of charm and tradition. This little shop and cafe nod somehow ooze optimism and good feeling.  The staff are great and whilst the menu could not be described as extensive, the items in the shop and cafe are chosen […]

The Livity Top Ten | Eats

I love eating and I especially love to eat out.  I have compiled my top ten(ish) eateries-in no particular order of places I have enjoyed eating near and far.  I would love to hear some of yours as I am so totally open to any excuse to try somewhere new…all this food talk is making […]

A Guided Foodie

So I recently had the good fortune to happen across a copy of The Foodie Guide at my local health food store.  It is full of lovely places to eat or buy lovely food….of course I had to try one, and so a trip to Beckworth Emporium was made. Enjoy this? You might also like…The Livity Top […]