Leila’s Cafe and Shop

What is not to love about Leila’s Cafe and shop?  Reminiscent of times gone by, full of charm and tradition. This little shop and cafe nod somehow ooze optimism and good feeling.  The staff are great and whilst the menu could not be described as extensive, the items in the shop and cafe are chosen […]


For some reason I always thought that Turkey was much closer to the UK than it is.  According to Google it is about 1551 miles or 2496 kilometers about double that of say London to Madrid.  So I know you are now thinking why so many statistics?  Well I was thinking about how different a […]


Whenever the opportunity presents itself to extend a work trip into a holiday I am there.  In fact I say it is the opportunity that presents itself but it is really me looking for any excuse to shoe horn holidays into my life wherever possible. On this occasion my husband was travelling to perform with […]