Stewed Sprouted Black Eye Beans

Sometimes you fancy something that tastes of home, that fills the kitchen full of aromas from what can seem like another lifetime ago.  You fancy something that reminds you of time spent with family in places near and far and that brings warmth and memories of sunshine.  Alternatively you may just fancy something tasty and […]

Soursop Juice Drink

I absolutely loved the taste of soursop but it is not one of those things that I eat that often.  It is one of those when I’m on holiday in the West Indies type things.  It only occured to me to buy some when I met a lovely Jamaican lady in our local shop, who […]

Warm Griddled Vegetable Salad with Chickpeas and Spiced Pumpkin Seeds

What a week!  In fact I should say what a few weeks.  A lost camera lead, general technology meltdown, a virus and a lost recipe notepad….wowzers.  Thank goodness today’s recipe is straight forward in both the ingredients and method.  Such a chirpy little salad with its bold hits of flavour made me yearn for the […]

Leek & Onion Egg-less Frittata

Not too long ago I was raving about the wonderful omelette that I had made for my brunch.  Feeling a bit guilty that my vegan friends would have not been able to share that recipe I devised a special treat that we can all enjoy.  I have been told by an egg oficiando (that will […]

Chocolate Cake with Orange Rum Syrup

We had quite a busy Saturday and so the only sensible thing to do was to completely chill out on Sunday.  We put an end to the rushing around, to the hither and tither and relaxed for the whole day.  It was fabulous!  We ate well and enjoyed each other’s company and rounded the day […]

The Day After the Night Before: Brunch

  I went to bed really late last night and I have had a very physically busy week so when I finally awoke from my sleepy haze I was ready for something substantial to eat.  Not technically a day that would normally involve a lazy brunch, but I thought that I would treat myself and […]

Valentine Love Feast Part I

So it is nearly that time of year again….that special time which either makes you want to gag or  turn into cupid himself.  I fall somewhere in between…whilst I am up for the romance (who wouldn’t be especially from the lovely Mr R?) having to make the effort after a day at work can be […]

Hiroo’s Feast: Tofu Sesame Galettes, Ancient Rice & Vegetables in Miso Broth

So, I think I already mentioned the wonderful Christmas gifts I received from my friends Hiroo and Kiki.  The recipe I made for Kiki was one of indulgence,  so in the light of being balanced and moderate in my approach to better health I thought it would be good to include a recipe that was […]

Plum Sake Apple Crumble for Kiki

For someone who loves desserts, cakes and sweet delights I have just realised that they are in the minority in my recent posts.  In order to amend that I thought that it deserved something a little bit special. We had friends over for Christmas and they both gifted me with some lovely items.  I received […]

Broad Bean, Baked Potato and Leek Soup

Sometimes life just needs to be made as simple as possible.  We need to eat, we want it to be nutritious and we have about 10 minutes to get the job done.  This little number was born out of another ‘whats in the fridge?’ scenario and I have to say it really hits the spot. […]

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