Couch to 5K….yes me running!


Ok so I have heard about this for a while and really never been interested as I absolutely hate running.  I have always hated it and can even remember being at school and explaining to our PE teacher my  sheer dislike for cross country and asking if I could skip around the course.  Mrs M said she really didn’t care how I got round as long as I kept it moving….so I skipped with my friend Anne for about an hour.  We had such a laugh and got some good exercise too…an early indication that exercise does most definitely not need to be dull!  Anyway my point is that this dislike I have for all things running and jogging is not new and one that I have had to really grit my teeth to take on board this new challenge that I have put upon myself but I think if I can achieve this then anything is possible….and I really do mean anything because trust me if I can do this anyone can do it!

The big question really is why put myself through all of this?  I have put on a considerable amount of weight (about two and a half stones), which people say I wear well because I am tall but who wants to wear weight well?  I don’t want it there at all.  It has developed over the last 18 months but mainly after I stopped going to Capoeira, sat on my butt either on the computer or creating recipes in the kitchen.  This is not a great combination for someone in their late thirties, this is the path to the expanded mid riff.  I think I am currently at the heaviest I have ever been and need to take action before it affects my health.  I already am finding things more of an effort and this needs to stop.  Lethargy is creeping in and this is the precipice to a downward spiral that I am totally not prepared to take on.  I am rejecting this potential version of myself and looking positively forwards and the changes that I am certain will come.

The Couch to 5K program is for about 9 weeks which also is a good time frame to readdress my food, nutrition and general well being.  I thought I would document my progress via a series of Youtube videos so I have to be held accountable for my actions or should it arise – lack of action.  I thought if I did this in a public forum it may motivate others as well as keep me focused.  I hope that you will find these videos useful.  Along the way I hope to include some quick and easy recipes and tips that I learn as I go along.  My plan is to conclude the training by competing in a 5K run…so keep your fingers crossed, drop me a line of encouragement or if you fancy joining me then let me know so we can motivate each other.

Here is the link for the schedule for the c25k that I am following.  I have put an app on my iphone to make it all super easy.  I was keeping it old skool with a stop watch but it is simply too distracting…Good luck to anyone who is joining in on the c25k fun!

or the NHS has got a free version for your mobile phone via itunes and there is a little video about Laura’s c25k journey

Oh and the app I have installed is called RunNow Pro…but there are a bunch.

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5 Responses to “Couch to 5K….yes me running!”
  1. Cleo Lewis says:

    U go girl!!!
    I also took up the challenge of running – having hated it all my life – what was the point? I’d ask myself…
    I ran the Race for Life 5k at Blackheath on Sunday for the 2nd time! Wiped the floor with my last year’s time – completed in 37mins!!!
    Keep up the training: find some good tunes on the Ipod, set yourself challenges as you run to make it more fun – e.g. Run till the end of this song, run till the next blue parked car (or any other landmark – trees and lamposts are too mundane – make it weird!!)
    I found out that I love running in the rain! And I also enjoyed charting my runs using my Ipod sensor and the Nike+ website – competitive as ever!!!
    Whatever helps you will eventually get you enjoying it.
    Good luck on the journey – be well worth it in the end!
    Take care

    • admin says:

      Awwww thanks C for the encouragement. It is good to know I am not alone in the “don’t like running but gonna start running boat”. Sounds like you have got it down now and you have totally inspired me to get back out there with your top tips. I said to Mr R that we should get a good play list together so I think on your advice that I will get this sorted for the next run. It is good to know that I will eventually enjoy it – this is what people say, this is what I hope will to come to pass.
      Take care too and thanks!

  2. Cleo Lewis says:

    P.S: I’d be up for running another 5k this year – let me know where you’re thinking of running – I might join you!

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