Couch to 5K….yes me running!


Ok so I have heard about this for a while and really never been interested as I absolutely hate running.  I have always hated it and can even remember being at school and explaining to our PE teacher my  sheer dislike for cross country and asking if I could skip around the course.  Mrs M said she really didn’t care how I got round as long as I kept it moving….so I skipped with my friend Anne for about an hour.  We had such a laugh and got some good exercise too…an early indication that exercise does most definitely not need to be dull!  Anyway my point is that this dislike I have for all things running and jogging is not new and one that I have had to really grit my teeth to take on board this new challenge that I have put upon myself but I think if I can achieve this then anything is possible….and I really do mean anything because trust me if I can do this anyone can do it!

The big question really is why put myself through all of this?  I have put on a considerable amount of weight (about two and a half stones), which people say I wear well because I am tall but who wants to wear weight well?  I don’t want it there at all.  It has developed over the last 18 months but mainly after I stopped going to Capoeira, sat on my butt either on the computer or creating recipes in the kitchen.  This is not a great combination for someone in their late thirties, this is the path to the expanded mid riff.  I think I am currently at the heaviest I have ever been and need to take action before it affects my health.  I already am finding things more of an effort and this needs to stop.  Lethargy is creeping in and this is the precipice to a downward spiral that I am totally not prepared to take on.  I am rejecting this potential version of myself and looking positively forwards and the changes that I am certain will come.

The Couch to 5K program is for about 9 weeks which also is a good time frame to readdress my food, nutrition and general well being.  I thought I would document my progress via a series of Youtube videos so I have to be held accountable for my actions or should it arise – lack of action.  I thought if I did this in a public forum it may motivate others as well as keep me focused.  I hope that you will find these videos useful.  Along the way I hope to include some quick and easy recipes and tips that I learn as I go along.  My plan is to conclude the training by competing in a 5K run…so keep your fingers crossed, drop me a line of encouragement or if you fancy joining me then let me know so we can motivate each other.

Here is the link for the schedule for the c25k that I am following.  I have put an app on my iphone to make it all super easy.  I was keeping it old skool with a stop watch but it is simply too distracting…Good luck to anyone who is joining in on the c25k fun!

or the NHS has got a free version for your mobile phone via itunes and there is a little video about Laura’s c25k journey

Oh and the app I have installed is called RunNow Pro…but there are a bunch.

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