Vegan Christmas O’clock

It is that time of year when we can no longer ignore that Christmas is round the corner and Santa’s little elves are beavering away preparing treats for those of us that have been good throughout the year.  If you have been a little less than good and want to make amends over the festive […]

Stewed Sprouted Black Eye Beans

Sometimes you fancy something that tastes of home, that fills the kitchen full of aromas from what can seem like another lifetime ago.  You fancy something that reminds you of time spent with family in places near and far and that brings warmth and memories of sunshine.  Alternatively you may just fancy something tasty and […]

Garden Greens with Tamari, Ginger & Lime

  So, I finally made it out into the garden in between the showers of rain and to my surprise there was a fair few greens ready for the taking…ok so some of them had bolted but I thought the flowers were pretty and made a nice feature on the windowsill.  A quick turn in […]

Climate Change Week Recipe for The Vegan Society

  This week is Climate Change Week and the good folks over there are bringing awareness to a global issue in a number of interesting ways.  Definitely worth popping over to their site to check out what has and is going on. I had the good fortune to be asked to submit a recipe for […]

Valentine Love Feast Part I

So it is nearly that time of year again….that special time which either makes you want to gag or  turn into cupid himself.  I fall somewhere in between…whilst I am up for the romance (who wouldn’t be especially from the lovely Mr R?) having to make the effort after a day at work can be […]

Hiroo’s Feast: Tofu Sesame Galettes, Ancient Rice & Vegetables in Miso Broth

So, I think I already mentioned the wonderful Christmas gifts I received from my friends Hiroo and Kiki.  The recipe I made for Kiki was one of indulgence,  so in the light of being balanced and moderate in my approach to better health I thought it would be good to include a recipe that was […]

Broad Bean, Baked Potato and Leek Soup

Sometimes life just needs to be made as simple as possible.  We need to eat, we want it to be nutritious and we have about 10 minutes to get the job done.  This little number was born out of another ‘whats in the fridge?’ scenario and I have to say it really hits the spot. […]

Jamaican Yam & Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Roasted Cherry Tomato Oregano sauce and Faux Parmesan

I have always wondered about the inclusion of alternative ingredients to a gnocchi recipe and in my wisdom decided to test it out with some Jamaican staples that I had at home over the festive season.  In actual fact it turned out to be little more wholesome than the gnocchi that you may know and […]

Faster Pasta

There are certain days when you look in the fridge and inspiration is at a loss primarily due to the fact that you really need to go and get some shopping in and there isn’t (on the face of it) anything to eat…ah ha let me stop you there my friends because in my experience […]

Three Potato Gratin

Three Potato Gratin My parents were coming over for dinner having been travelling around for the most part of the day.  I wanted something warming, comforting and Dad friendly.  This really did the trick! Enjoy Nx Ingredients Breadcrumbs 1 x 1 inch piece of day or two old sourdough rye bread 1 garlic clove minced […]