Garden Greens with Tamari, Ginger & Lime

  So, I finally made it out into the garden in between the showers of rain and to my surprise there was a fair few greens ready for the taking…ok so some of them had bolted but I thought the flowers were pretty and made a nice feature on the windowsill.  A quick turn in […]

Coconut Nutmeg Panna Cotta with Sorrel & Ginger Syrup

If you are anything like me, the quest for health can sometimes be a bit of a bumpy road.  Some weeks the motivation is there and others, well not so much.  Hey, do not despair the best thing is to enjoy a moment of indulgence and get right back to it otherwise you can feel […]

Sprouted Aduki Bean and Ginger Burgers

  As we are nearing the heights of the festive season I thought it might be nice to include a recipe that was hearty tasty and stress free.  These burgers really are a dish delish and well worth the effort to sprout the beans if you have the time.  Using the sprouted beans gives you […]

Ginger Nut Smoothie

  Mornings have started to get a bit carb dense in our house recently so I have taken the initiative to whip up a few new smoothie mixes to get us liquid and light until lunch. Ingredients (serves 2) 1 organic banana 2 inch piece of organic ginger peeled and grated 500 ml filtered water […]