Roasted Walnut and Sage Pesto

I recently collected what I can only assume will be my last glut of sage from the garden. I was slightly overwhelmd by the amount that I harvested and set about thinking what I could do with it (besides drying it for future use) that would make good use of its super tasty qualities. That […]

Khallouk & Taylor

        Sometimes you will find yourself in an area and you just don’t know where to go for a cup of something refreshing.  This happened to me when I was staying with a good friend in Pimlico.  Fortunately she knew where to go and took us to Khallouk & Taylor.  This is […]

Blackcurrant & White Chocolate Fool

A while ago I went to visit a local wild life conservation/organic vegetable growing group to see what they were up to and if I could join the merriment. The very nice man who I met there gifted me with some freshly picked blackcurrants and I thought it only right that I made a bit […]

Strawberry Fields Forever

This year I have had to make significant efforts to remind myself that we are actually “enjoying” the months of summer.  As the weather has taken a dip and  the mornings are often grey, I decided that some positive action had to be taken to bring back some summer lovin’.  One of my memories of […]

Fennel, Mint and Tomato Salad with Lemon Poppy Seed Dressing

Today we had a glimmer of summer, so I promptly went into garden to see what greenery there was to munch and also what I could rescue from the fridge in a bid to extend the summer feeling.  When faced with a bulb of fennel, a bunch of mint, some baby plum tomatoes and random […]

Garden Greens with Tamari, Ginger & Lime

  So, I finally made it out into the garden in between the showers of rain and to my surprise there was a fair few greens ready for the taking…ok so some of them had bolted but I thought the flowers were pretty and made a nice feature on the windowsill.  A quick turn in […]

Climate Change Week Recipe for The Vegan Society

  This week is Climate Change Week and the good folks over there are bringing awareness to a global issue in a number of interesting ways.  Definitely worth popping over to their site to check out what has and is going on. I had the good fortune to be asked to submit a recipe for […]

Making Pumpkin With Mrs R

Pumpkin is a regular staple of the Trinidadian household. Often eaten with plain or coconut bakes for breakfast and with roti for lunch. Any which way it comes it is a delicious nutritious addition to any meal. Enjoy Nx Enjoy this? You might also like…Super Quick Stir FryFeeling the love from EcovegangalRoasted Tomato SauceBroad Bean […]

Oh Olney how we love you…

The first Sunday in every month sees what I regard as the Olney delight.  It is the day of the farmers market, when farmers and folks selling locally produced niceties come together to sell there wares in the village.  There is opportunity for variety, sampling, feasting for the eyes and if you are really luck […]