Couch to 5K….yes me running!

Couch to 5K….yes me running!

  Ok so I have heard about this for a while and really never been interested as I absolutely hate running.  I have always hated it and can even remember being at school and explaining to our PE teacher my  sheer dislike for cross country and asking if I could skip around the course.  Mrs […]

Hot Bikram Yoga Guest Post

HBY logo

I was invited to share my health story with the lovely folks from Hot Bikram Yoga based in London. I talk a little bit about my journey, my discovery of bikram yoga and give a few health tips that I have found handy along the way. You can read all about it on their blog. […]

Caudete Market

I thought that going to the local market would be a great idea to see what was in season and to look for something a bit different to inspire some new recipes.  I was not disappointed and came away with saffron, some crazy hot dried peppers and enjoyed looking at the vast array of fruits […]

Wild Things

I have increasingly come to appreciate natures bounty and all that it has to offer.  Whether home in the UK or on this recent trip to Spain, I have been delighted by all the little treasures that are up for grabs.  Wild herbs such as rosemary and thyme, not to mention the wild asparagus that […]

A Midlands Winter Wonderland


The idea was to go to Birmingham for a bit of a day out and to watch a show.  This had been planned for a few weeks and I was very much looking forward to a walk around and a bite to eat at a lovely little veggie restaurant that is in the city centre. […]

A Walk in the Park

From time to time life can get a bit hectic, a bit on top or slightly overwhelming. I have found it good to be able to press pause and take a moment to enjoy some of the simpler things that life has to offer. This single action is often enough to begin to unravel the […]

Trinidad and Tobago


So I have finally landed.  It took us a while, but we are finally here.  It has been years since we have been able to get back to Trinidad to visit family and friends and experience this wonderful Caribbean island.  I am excited to share with you a few of my first glimpses and impressions. […]

“Oh I do like to be beside the sea side…Oh I do like to be beside the sea”


I am always up for a change of environment and when we made a date to meet up with friends in Brighton no-one was happier than me.  Fresh sea breeze, raw vegan cheese-cake and raw vegan ice cream, a coastal train ride and a good old natter…what more could you ask for?       […]

Caudete Lounging

Caudete 001

We visit Caudete a few times a year to catch up with family and new friends.  It is the ideal place to veg out, take in the scenery, catch up on some reading and connect with people.  I enjoy the time, the space, the food, the people, the conversations, the laughter and the heat….I hope […]

So Salcey So Goodie

So Salcey So Goodie

Every now and then you need to breath a different type of air.  You need to restock and reboot,  you need to press pause and reset.  I find that getting into nature and doing something as simple as walking through the trees is a great way to do this.  It gives us the space (physical […]