Vegan Christmas O’clock

It is that time of year when we can no longer ignore that Christmas is round the corner and Santa’s little elves are beavering away preparing treats for those of us that have been good throughout the year.  If you have been a little less than good and want to make amends over the festive […]

Chocho and Pomegranate Salad

  I didn’t really want to admit it…in fact I shouldn’t have to as it never really happened but it seems as though the end of the summer is here.  If you like me live in the UK you will be fully aware of the very sorry excuse for a summer we have experienced this […]

The Good Taste Project

Exciting news for TheLivity….today we are launching the Good Taste Project. Wooooo Hoooo!!! This is an online collaboration inviting you, your friends, aunties, uncles, grannies and grandads and just about anyone you know who likes to cook to share your very bestest vegetarian, plant based or whole food recipes with us and the online community. […]

Feeling the love from Ecovegangal

I received a link for a review of Vegan Christmas in my inbox today and was delighted to find this little video from Whitney of  I was touched by her support, enthusiasm for the book and her appreciation of the recipes.  I am feeling the love from the vegan community right now and loving […]

Something is a Cookin’

  I have to start with apology for the length of time I have been absent from this blog…sorry guys please forgive me.  I know it has been a while but the good news is that although my online presence was well…reduced, The Livity test kitchen has been working at full capacity producing lovely new […]