Sharing some Livity Love

Today’s weather is rubbish….grey, wet and totally miserable…but let’s not to get to drawn into that feeling of doom and gloom that this time of year can bring on.  To continue the theme of all things Valentine and cupid let me share with you some Livity love…some things that The Livity is loving right now and that you may too.  They may bring a smile to your face and give you a warm glow – at the very least on the inside.  I think it will be a few months before there are any feelings of warm glows on the outside but The Livity will be working hard to keep you warm and cosy until then!

So here in no particular order are a few of The Livity fave’s…


1.  Black Garlic

Lovin’ me some black garlic right now.  With it’s intense sweet molasses like flavour and no crazy vampire killing breath as a side effect – what is not to like?  It can add a depth of flavour to a dish and transform a dip….I may be a little late cottoning on to this culinary trend but if you haven’t already I highly recommend you give it a try.


2. Pinterest

Another social media platform I hear you cry….but you are gonna love this.  A great visual way to capture and sort things that you love on the web and share with others.


3. Kinfolk Magazine

Im in love love love with what is going right here!  Beautiful photography and film, inspiring articles and a lovely lense through which the lovely Kinfolk look at life.


4. The Family Meal

Ok so this one is a double whammy.  I do so love a meal with family and/or friends being all together in one place.  Sharing food together is truly a wonderful thing and as far as I think it is important that time is earmarked to ensure that is happens on a regular basis.

So imagine my sheer delight when my hubby the lovely Mr R came across a copy of The Family Meal: Home Cooking with Ferran Adria.  A wonderful collection of recipes eaten by the staff of El Bulli and whilst there are few vegan/vegetarian options there are plenty of inspirational ideas.  Loving this book for the “can-do” nature of the recipes and the breadth of ingredients.


5.  MasterChef Series 8

Chefy, amateur chefy, inspirational, entertaining and exciting….love me some MasterChef.  I am usually talking to the screen by the end of each episode and explaining to Mr R why one contestant might get dismissed over another.  Love it!


Please do get in touch and let me know what you are loving right now or simply to say hello!

Nicola x


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