The Good Taste Project

Exciting news for TheLivity….today we are launching the Good Taste Project. Wooooo Hoooo!!!

This is an online collaboration inviting you, your friends, aunties, uncles, grannies and grandads and just about anyone you know who likes to cook to share your very bestest vegetarian, plant based or whole food recipes with us and the online community.  These recipes will be curated into an illustrated digital cook book that will be available to download for free the TheLivity website.

So if you want to join the fun and be part of the Good Taste Project gang here is what you need to do.

Get involved and post your recipe to our facebook page with a little photo of the recipe or picture yourself and a line or two as to why you think the recipe is great or a story that relates to your chosen recipe.  We are really interested in receiving as diverse a range as possible so if you know folks from across the globe that may have a tasty treat to share with us then please share our project with them.

Send us your recipes from Friday June the 1st until Wednesday the 20th of June after which the most exciting recipes will be illustrated and published.

The curated recipes will be available to download free from The Livity’s website at the end of June 2012


Thanks so very much for sharing your good taste!

Nicola x


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