Vegan Christmas O’clock


It is that time of year when we can no longer ignore that Christmas is round the corner and Santa’s little elves are beavering away preparing treats for those of us that have been good throughout the year.  If you have been a little less than good and want to make amends over the festive […]

Roasted Walnut and Sage Pesto

Sage Pesto 02

I recently collected what I can only assume will be my last glut of sage from the garden. I was slightly overwhelmd by the amount that I harvested and set about thinking what I could do with it (besides drying it for future use) that would make good use of its super tasty qualities. That […]

Khallouk & Taylor

K&T 004

        Sometimes you will find yourself in an area and you just don’t know where to go for a cup of something refreshing.  This happened to me when I was staying with a good friend in Pimlico.  Fortunately she knew where to go and took us to Khallouk & Taylor.  This is […]

The Livity Community

The Livity Community

You may have noticed that my posting has been a little less than normal in recent weeks. A few of you may have even wondering what I have been up to, why I have not been on Facebook or Twitter with the usual regularity. Well my Livity Lovelies there is a very good explanation for […]

Chocho and Pomegranate Salad

  I didn’t really want to admit it…in fact I shouldn’t have to as it never really happened but it seems as though the end of the summer is here.  If you like me live in the UK you will be fully aware of the very sorry excuse for a summer we have experienced this […]

Blackcurrant & White Chocolate Fool

Black Currant and White Choc Fool

A while ago I went to visit a local wild life conservation/organic vegetable growing group to see what they were up to and if I could join the merriment. The very nice man who I met there gifted me with some freshly picked blackcurrants and I thought it only right that I made a bit […]

Caribbean Carrot Punch

After a recent discovery of a few bags of forgotten carrots in the fridge, memories of my nan and her Carrot Punch recipe came back to me. I thought I would reinterpret her original version with a healthier lighter option and create something that would suit most dietary requirements. Enjoy! Enjoy this? You might also […]

Strawberry Fields Forever

This year I have had to make significant efforts to remind myself that we are actually “enjoying” the months of summer.  As the weather has taken a dip and  the mornings are often grey, I decided that some positive action had to be taken to bring back some summer lovin’.  One of my memories of […]

Whipped Body Butter

whipped shea 003

  So I have just realised that I totally omitted to post last week in my excitement of things garden, rain avoidance then sudden sun appearance! The crazy thing was I have been quite the busy bee in the kitchen this week in my bid to get back on top of my diet and to […]

Stewed Sprouted Black Eye Beans

Sometimes you fancy something that tastes of home, that fills the kitchen full of aromas from what can seem like another lifetime ago.  You fancy something that reminds you of time spent with family in places near and far and that brings warmth and memories of sunshine.  Alternatively you may just fancy something tasty and […]