Chocho and Pomegranate Salad

  I didn’t really want to admit it…in fact I shouldn’t have to as it never really happened but it seems as though the end of the summer is here.  If you like me live in the UK you will be fully aware of the very sorry excuse for a summer we have experienced this […]

Couch to 5K….yes me running!

Couch to 5K….yes me running!

  Ok so I have heard about this for a while and really never been interested as I absolutely hate running.  I have always hated it and can even remember being at school and explaining to our PE teacher my  sheer dislike for cross country and asking if I could skip around the course.  Mrs […]

Soursop Juice Drink

I absolutely loved the taste of soursop but it is not one of those things that I eat that often.  It is one of those when I’m on holiday in the West Indies type things.  It only occured to me to buy some when I met a lovely Jamaican lady in our local shop, who […]

Hot Pepper Passion

Hot Pepper Ingredients

My husband loves pepper sauce. When I say he loves it, I mean that given the opportunity he will put it with everything and I did not realise how far his pepper passion went until a recent trip to Trinidad to visit his family.  His mom made it, his aunty made and they both made […]

Sprouted Aduki Bean and Ginger Burgers

Sprouted Aduki Bean Burgers 01

  As we are nearing the heights of the festive season I thought it might be nice to include a recipe that was hearty tasty and stress free.  These burgers really are a dish delish and well worth the effort to sprout the beans if you have the time.  Using the sprouted beans gives you […]

Newbie in North Norfolk

Norfolk Moodboard

I had to get out, out of the shire and away. Head to the coast? Something in my bones suggested that a trip to the seaside would be the remedy that I needed, this was just the kind of medicine that I would happily be prescribed – hopefully to be taken at least once a […]

Senzala Christmas Roda

Senzala Christmas Roda

Here I am getting my butt kicked for Christmas.



For some reason I always thought that Turkey was much closer to the UK than it is.  According to Google it is about 1551 miles or 2496 kilometers about double that of say London to Madrid.  So I know you are now thinking why so many statistics?  Well I was thinking about how different a […]

An Evening at the Tate

An Evening at the Tate

A few weeks back, we had the good fortune to be invited to the Chris Ofili private view at the Tate Britain. It is a wonderful collection and retrospective of his work. It comes highly recommended as a day out to absorb yourself in the beauty and detail of his pieces. Health and well being […]

Oh Olney how we love you…

The first Sunday in every month sees what I regard as the Olney delight.  It is the day of the farmers market, when farmers and folks selling locally produced niceties come together to sell there wares in the village.  There is opportunity for variety, sampling, feasting for the eyes and if you are really luck […]