Stewed Sprouted Black Eye Beans

Sometimes you fancy something that tastes of home, that fills the kitchen full of aromas from what can seem like another lifetime ago.  You fancy something that reminds you of time spent with family in places near and far and that brings warmth and memories of sunshine.  Alternatively you may just fancy something tasty and […]

Jamaican Yam & Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Roasted Cherry Tomato Oregano sauce and Faux Parmesan

I have always wondered about the inclusion of alternative ingredients to a gnocchi recipe and in my wisdom decided to test it out with some Jamaican staples that I had at home over the festive season.  In actual fact it turned out to be little more wholesome than the gnocchi that you may know and […]

Bet Your Butter Beans

I was really hungry today but needed something super quick to eat as I wanted to pop out and visit my friend who has just had a beautiful baby boy. This is one of those recipes that I wished on reflection I had been more meticulous about the quantities of the ingredients as it turned […]

Salad in Bloom

I recently received a lovely little punnet of edible flowers from the good people at Abel and Cole, who deliver my organic fruit and veggie box each week.  They were so incredibly pretty and a seasonal alternative source of nutrition I wanted to keep any recipes as simple as possible.  Well, this is about as simple […]