The Livity Top Ten | Cooking Tunes

Cooking can sometime take you into a world all of your very own and on other occassions you can create that world for yourself….here are a few of the tunes I love to chop, roll, shake, grate and stir to. Just Fine | Mary J Blige, Growing Pains Yekatit | Ethiopiques, Vol 4 She Wolf […]

The Livity Top Ten | Fitness

Here is my list, in particular order of a few things I do and have done in a bid to try to keep in shape. I am a lazy exerciser so these are some of the cheats and short cuts that I have found.  Let me know what you do too! Nx 1. Zumba I […]

The Livity Top Ten | Superfoods

By no means is this list all encompassing as there are so many amazing foods that help us to feel..well..super.  I just wanted to make a list that helps me feel on track and hopefully will help you too.  The list is in no particular order and there are things that you will  probably have […]